Estrella Cast Iron Manual Crank Corn Grain Grinder 14″ Tall & 5″ Hopper new


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Discover the incredible flavor of freshly ground grains with the Estrella Corn and Grain Mill<…

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Discover the incredible flavor of freshly ground grains with the Estrella Corn and Grain Mill. This improved low-hopper grinder is your key to elevating your kitchen creations with an authentic touch of artisanal quality.

Having an Estrella Mill in home helps you to ensure the quality of the grains you use in your recipes. Besides, this authentic product preserves the freshness of ingredients to enhance your culinary creations with your own touch from the grain to your table.

Expertly constructed from durable Cast Iron, our Hand-grain Mill embraces a traditional horizontal design, ensuring each component is crafted to last. Its reliable grinding mechanism effortlessly processes a variety of grains including corn, wheat, rice, beans, and more. Taste the difference that fresh grinding makes, unlocking the essence of every grain.

Savor the authentic taste of wholesome ingredients with each grind. With each turn of the Estrella mill, flavor and nutrients spring to life, providing unmatched freshness to family meals. Explore new grains and enjoy recipes that evoke warm moments around the family table with the pure, rich flavors only a manual grinder can provide.

With its user-friendly tabletop mount design, cleaning the Mill Grinder takes just minutes. Simply wipe away residual grains after use, hand wash it, dry, and store. Proper care ensures decades of reliable service.

Deliver wholesome tastes and textures of fresh ground grains with our Wheat Mill. Its authentic construction delivers pure, rich flavors that no mass-produced grinder can match.

  • The Traditional Estrella Corn Grinder Upgraded: The Estrella grinder boasts a high quality construction and renewed design, reflecting the brand’s high standards of craftsmanship, to deliver an authentic and healthier culinary experience. That’s why this model is easy to assemble and simple to use for effortless grain grinding.
  • The Authentic Mexican Estrella Low Hopper Model: The original Estrella Corn Grinder Mill featuring a low hopper design is an excellent choice for grinding corn, wheat, coffee, spices, nuts, and more. Its compact hopper allows for easy addition of grains, effortlessly yielding small to medium batches of finely ground ingredients.
  • Sturdy Structure: Crafted from high-quality cast iron, more resistant to rust, Estrella Flour Grinder is built to endure years of continual use. Now, it’s even easier to use due to its horizontal mount design and adjustable settings. Delivering tradition and quality to your family with your own homemade flour.
  • Freshness in your Hands: Get ready to enjoy the unique tastes of freshly ground grains! Our incredibly versatile Flour Grinder Mill expertly grinds a variety of ingredients, such as corn, rice, soybeans, pepper, chickpeas, wheat berries, fodder, and more. As a result, it is the perfect tool for obtaining nutritious cornmeal for your culinary creations.
  • Effortless Installation, Original Design: Experience a hassle-free setup with the Authentic Estrella Hand Grinder, featuring a tool-free installation. Its simple screw system makes mounting a breeze: just secure it to a countertop or table, adjust the components, and it’s ready for grinding. Adaptable to any surface up to 1.5 inches thick, this grinder seamlessly fits into your kitchen setup.
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