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Product description Step360 PRO The unique Step360 Pro is an incredible training tool that complimen…

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Product description Step360 PRO The unique Step360 Pro is an incredible training tool that compliments workout sessions for all ages, fitness levels, and skill capacities. A flat, stable platform atop two independently inflated 360 air chambers is the secret. Adjusting the air in the chambers modifies the height of the platform, while varying the degree of 360° rotational oscillation. Durable, non-slip platform surface for more demanding jumping, landing, and bounding activities. Platform tubing anchors for combined strength/balance exercise moves. Included with the Step360 Pro: Step360 Training Wall Chart, hand pump, and Workout DVD, featuring fitness instructor Jesse Pavelka, containing Three 20-minute 360 Workouts, along with a 10-minute Bonus Routine. Amazon.com The 360 Pro training experience is designed to enhance the body’s ability to react to a more demanding conditioning stimulus, thus heightening its training response. Ideal for all fitness levels, the unique Step360 Pro provides effective workout sessions for all fitness levels and skill sets. A flat, stable platform sits atop two independently inflated Step360 Pro air chambers that allow you to adjust the air to modify the height of the platform while varying the rotational oscillation by 360 degrees. The durable, non-slip platform withstands jumping, landing, and bouncing activities. Platform tubing anchors allow for combined strength and balance exercise moves. Step360 Pro The Step360 step aerobics platform is the revolutionary way to burn calories and lose weight at home. This unique platform is set on two adjustable air chambers designed to create instability. As you use the equipment, your body is forced to utilize both large and small muscle groups to find balance. More calories are burned, making weight loss easier. Realize a more effective total body workout in less time than a traditional step aerobics platform with the Step360. Step360 Pro Training DVD Included with the Step360 Pro is an instructional DVD led by well-known fitness experts Robert Sherman and Abbie Appel, who conduct two 18-minute Step360 Pro session training programs comprised of 3-minute routines performed within 6 training phases with zero rest (3-6-0). Bonus sections include Get To Know Your Step360, Science Behind The 360 Training Experience, and Step360 Teaching Excellence. Step360 Pro Training Wall Chart Options with the Step360 Pro are limitless while performing both traditional and functional cardio, strength, and balance movements. This round at-a-glance training chart showcases some of the most popular Step360 Pro movements, featuring two movements from each of the six training phases. What’s in the Box? Step360 Pro, training wall chart, instructional DVD with two 18-minute training programs, hand pump

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